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Summer Trends

As the days grow longer and the sun peeks in through the windows, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home for the summer season. This design style – Nordic-Inspired is known for its light and airy aesthetic, is a natural fit for warmer months.

1. Let the light in:

Maximize natural light: Open those curtains and blinds! Take advantage of the longer days by keeping windows unobscured. Consider swapping heavy drapes for lighter, sheer options like linen curtains.

Orkney linen drapery from Rough Linen
West Elm linen drapes in white.

2. Embrace light & airy colors:

Paint your walls with a fresh white or pale blue coat. Look for paints with a slight sheen, which can help bounce light around the room. Sherwin-Williams’ “Snowbound” SW 7004 is a beautiful cool white, while Behr’s “Maui Mist” BL-W10 offers a touch of calming blue.

A light and delicate cyan-grayish hue, Helium lifts the mood of any space above and beyond.
Behr HELIUM M480-1

3. Bring the outdoors in:

Natural Elements: Enhance the connection to nature with woven textures like wicker and rattan. Swap out heavier throws for lighter cotton or linen blankets. Consider a jute rug to add a natural touch underfoot.

IKEA Lohals jute flat-weave rug adds an easy summer texture to your floors.
NORDIC KNOTS offers interesting and unique jute rugs and runners with a Scandinavian style.

Botanical Elements:  Breathe life into your space with fresh flowers in simple glass vases. Tropical green plants in decorative pots, or add a touch of greenery to your walls with botanical prints.

Fresh tropical plants from URBAN STEMS.
MINTED offers unique floral graphics and posters.
URBAN STEMS fresh flower bouquets.

4. Pops of Summer Color:

Introduce bolder accents: While Scandinavian design leans minimalist, a summery color can add personality. Think deep navy blue throw pillows or a mustard yellow armchair.

TERRANMustard Yellow Armchair from ARTICLE
Navy pillows from TARGET

Embrace the coastal vibe: Channel the feeling of a Nordic summer with light blues, seafoam greens, and sandy beige accents. These hues pair beautifully with natural wood tones and white.

5. Summer Entertaining Essentials:

Create an inviting outdoor space: String up fairy lights for evening gatherings. Invest in comfortable outdoor furniture for lounging

MAKER AND MOSS Jack outdoor sofa.

Upgrade your kitchen for summer meals: Invest in a beautiful serving board crafted from reclaimed wood for cheese platters and charcuterie spreads. Consider adding a set of colorful ceramic plates for a touch of summer whimsy.

CRATE & BARREL Mercer Yellow porcelain dinnerware with white rim.
CRATE & BARREL Carson cheeseboard in Acacia wood.

Remember: Don’t be afraid to experiment! The beauty of the Nordic farmhouse style lies in its simplicity and functionality. By incorporating these summer trends, you can create a light, airy, inviting space perfect for warm-weather gatherings and relaxation.