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Our Team

Locally owned since 1978, McDonald has been one of Minnesota’s most respected and trusted names in the home building industry. We are proud of our legacy and philosophy of employing the finest individuals in the home building industry to ensure our customers thoroughly enjoy the process of building their custom home.

Our staff and building partners are an experienced home-town team dedicated to providing the latest in innovative design and construction measures that exceed industry standards. These long-standing relationships with a team of local, loyal subcontractors and vendors offer unparalleled value to our clients.

  • Dave Remick

    Dave Remick

  • Carole Griffith

    Carole Griffith

  • Ryan Hemingson

    Ryan Hemingson

  • Tom Schultz

    Tom Schultz

  • Teresa St. Amant

    Teresa St. Amant

  • Terri Soderbeck

    Terri Soderbeck

  • Kirsten Rasmussen

    Kirsten Rasmussen

  • Tasha Passa

    Tasha Passa

  • Misty Olson

    Misty Olson

  • Steve Jacobsen

    Steve Jacobsen

  • Leo Faller

    Leo Faller

  • Leslie Flashing

    Leslie Flashing

  • Joe Buelow

    Joe  Buelow