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Explore dream homes with Timothy P. Livingston Home Tours!

Have you ever dreamed of virtually stepping inside unique and stunning homes across the US, from cozy cabins to modern marvels?

Timothy Livingston of Timothy P. Livingston Home Tours makes that dream a reality with their fantastic YouTube channel, boasting over 187,000 subscribers, over 500 video tours, and millions of views!

His passion for home design is contagious! He takes viewers on immersive virtual tours, offering a one-of-a-kind perspective on each property. 

Recently,  McDonald Construction Partners had two model homes featured on Timothy’s YouTube Channel: The Willow Model, and the Magnolia Sport Model. 

Take a look at what Timothy shares in his videos:

  • In-depth tours: Get a detailed look at the layout, features, and design choices that make each home unique.
  • Expert commentary: Timothy shares his insights and knowledge, helping you understand the unique aspects of every property
  • Engaging and entertaining: His friendly personality makes the tours informative and enjoyable, keeping you glued to the screen.

Explore the channel to browse past tours and discover specific homes, including their recent McDonald features.